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Explore our commitment to user empowerment, transparency, and data protection.

The Authentikare Standard

The Authentikare Standard is not just a set of guidelines; it’s the very backbone of our identity and a foundational promise to our users. Representing our relentless pursuit to champion user rights, it embeds clarity and openness in every interaction, underscoring our commitment to building trust and lasting relationships. Here, we delve into the intricacies that set The Authentikare Standard apart, showcasing our dedication to justified data access, explicit disclosure, user consent, and more.

Pillars of The Authentikare Standard

Justified Data Access

Integrated platforms must elucidate and justify the necessity of each piece of user data they seek access to. Our internal evaluation scrutinizes the validity of these requests, based on regulatory compliance and user-centric principles, determining the legitimacy of data access.

Explicit Disclosure

Transparency isn’t an afterthought; it’s a pre-requisite. Unlike competitors who may hide details in Terms of Service, we ensure users are distinctly informed about the specific data that Authentikare will share with integrated platforms during the AuthentiCheck flow.

Explicit User Consent

User empowerment is pivotal. We mandate that users provide explicit consent before any data interchange occurs between Authentikare and the integrated platform. The right to reject is unequivocally in the hands of the user.

Modular Data Sharing

Offering a nuanced approach, we empower users with the choice to select the data they are comfortable sharing. The implications of withholding certain data are clearly communicated, ensuring users make informed decisions regarding the accessibility and limitations that may arise.

No Third-Party Sharing

Maintaining your trust is our priority. We adhere to a strict policy against sharing data with third parties for non-essential purposes, ensuring user data remains secure, confidential, and dedicated solely to verification processes.

Continuous User Education

Knowledge is power. We are committed to continuously educating users on data rights, privacy practices, and the implications of data sharing. This educative approach fortifies user awareness and fosters a culture of informed consent.

Adaptive Regulatory Alignment

In an era of ever-evolving regulations, Authentikare proactively adapts to meet and exceed international data protection standards. Our dynamic alignment with varying jurisdictional requirements exemplifies not just compliance, but a commitment to global excellence in user data protection.

How We Process Data

Each piece of data processed by Authentikare undergoes a meticulous and transparent procedure, aligning with the Authentikare Standards to ensure the highest levels of security and clarity. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of our process:

  • Data Collection

    Upon initiation, users are guided to submit their ID documents directly within our secure system, ensuring adherence to our Standard of Justified Data Access. This fundamental step ensures that the collected information remains exclusive to Authentikare and is not disclosed to any integrated platforms.

  • Data extraction

    After ID submission, we extract all essential metadata from the user’s document. Then, in accordance with our Explicit Disclosure Standard, users are informed about which specific portions of this data will be shared with the integrated platform. Once the data extraction is complete, the uploaded document is securely deleted from our systems to further safeguard user information.

  • User Consent

    In alignment with our Authentikare Standard for Explicit User Consent, transparency is key. Before any further steps, users are fully informed and given control to consent to data sharing, thereby safeguarding user autonomy.

  • Data Storage and Retention

    Authentikare securely stores user data in compliance with stringent security standards and localized jurisdiction regulations, and in adherence to our Adaptive Regulatory Alignment Standard, until it aligns with the schedule for regulated deletion, ensuring data integrity and user privacy.

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