The Identity Verification Revolution is Here

Setting a New Standard by Pioneering User Control and Informed Consent

Why Choose Authentikare?

In an industry overshadowed by opaque practices, Authentikare emerges as a beacon of transparency and user empowerment. We're not just a service; we’re a standard. Challenging the norm, demanding clarity, and ensuring users have ultimate control over their information, thereby setting a new benchmark in Identity Verification.


LiveCAPTCHA ensures genuine user interactions. Our meticulous facial analysis filters out bots and fraudulent attempts, prioritizing user trust and transparency at every step. Learn More


AuthentiCheck conducts swift, secure, and accurate ID checks. We confirm users' authenticity seamlessly while upholding the principles of user control and informed consent. Learn More

Establishing the Authentikare Standard

At Authentikare, we’re pioneering a shift towards user control and informed consent through The Authentikare Standard, building a foundation of trust and accountability in the identity verification industry. Our approach challenges and reshapes industry norms to create a more secure and user-centric verification experience.

Transparent Data Sharing & User Consent

Upholding The Authentikare Standard, our principle of transparency ensures that users are fully informed and their explicit consent is obtained before sharing only the essential data with the integrated platform, setting a new benchmark in fostering user trust. More Info

Justified Data Access by Platforms

Under The Authentikare Standard, integrated platforms are mandated to justify their data requirements to us. We scrutinize the necessity and share only the indispensable information, reinforcing accountability and protecting user data. More Info

Industry-Challenging Approach

By introducing The Authentikare Standard, we are setting new industry standards, spotlighting and challenging the indiscriminate data-sharing practices of competitors, advocating for informed user consent and redefining industry norms.
More Info

Competitor Comparison

Exposing the Hidden Practices of the Industry

We shine a light on the opaque practices of our main competitors, revealing the extent of data they share with integrated platforms and how this is communicated to the end user. By contrasting these practices with The Authentikare Standard, we underscore our commitment to transparency and user empowerment

Exposed DataExplicit DisclosureExplicit User Consent
Only user's consented data Always Always
All ID data is exposed Vaguely Disclosed (hidden in ToS) Rarely Obtained
Exposed Data
Only user's consented data
All ID data is exposed
Explicit Disclosure
Vaguely Disclosed (hidden in ToS)
Explicit User Consent
Rarely Obtained

Ready to experience a new standard in data transparency and user empowerment?

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